STEAM Saturday – Cranberry Secret Messages! )11/19/2022

Thanksgiving is next week, and we think it’s a great excuse to play with your food!  Today, we’re going to learn about acids and bases and write secret messages with CRANBERRIES.  If you’ve got a future spy in your household, this activity from Little Bins for Little Hands is for them!  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Small pot
  • Cranberry juice
  • Whole berry cranberry sauce
  • White paper
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Paintbrushes

You’ll need to supervise your kiddo while you do this fun project together.  First, add 2 cups of cranberry juice and 1/2 can of jellied cranberry sauce to a pot and bring to a boil over medium/high heat, mixing every few minutes.  Pour your mixture into cups and let it cool.  Then, in a separate container, mix 1/3 cup hot water with 4 tablespoons of baking soda.

Next, use your paintbrush and the baking soda mixture to write your secret message on your paper and set it aside to dry (you can also use a hairdryer to speed things along).   Once your cranberry mixture is cool and your secret message is dry, paint over the baking soda writing to reveal your hidden message!

This is a wonderful activity to do while you’re waiting for that turkey to cook.  To see the full experiment and learn the science behind acids and bases from Little Bins for Little Hands HERE.

As always, get as creative as you want, and above all, have lots of fun learning together!

We’ll see you right back here next Saturday for another STEAM Saturday activity!  Scroll through the rest of our website to learn how Critchlow Adkins is Building Brighter Futures for the children and families we serve!

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