Health Services

Health Services Partnership

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Choptank Community Health to ensure that all of our students, families, and staff have access to quality healthcare.  Choptank provides a range of services to address many health needs, including:


Diagnosis and treatment of illness, including referrals

Physicals & sports physicals

Behavioral health services

Nutritional services and discussion of healthy choices


Dental screening

Polishing / cleaning

Fluoride (may be applied twice)

Dental sealants

Oral health education

Dental emergency referrals

Enroll in Choptank Community Health

Click the button below to enroll your family in health and dental services.  Before enrolling, make sure you have the following:

Your student’s health history, including medications, allergies, and recent surgeries

Your family health history

Health and/or dental insurance information, if applicable. If your student does not have insurance, they are still eligible to receive services.  This service does not have to replace your primary care provider.

You may apply for the Sliding Fee program, which provides discounted services based on household income.  

To learn more about Choptank Community Health and their available services, click the button below:

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