Leave a lasting legacy with a planned gift to Critchlow Adkins

Planned giving options

Bequests: Name Critchlow Adkins Children’s Centers in your will with a designated amount or percentage of your estate. A bequest allows you to make a meaningful contribution without reducing your resources during your lifetime, and your estate receives a tax deduction when your estate is settled.
Charitable Gift Annuities: Create a stream of income for life by transferring cash, securities or other property to a Charitable Gift Annuity, naming Critchlow Adkins as the remainder charitable beneficiary. You will earn a tax deduction when you purchase the annuity, and a portion of every payment you receive will be tax free for the first ten years.

Gifts of Life Insurance: Name Critchlow Adkins as a bene­ficiary of a life insurance policy. Tax deductions may be available.

IRA or Annuity Beneficiary: Talk with your financial advisor about naming Critchlow as a beneficiary.

The options listed above are just a few to consider when you choose to make a planned gift to Critchlow Adkins. Your attorney, accountant or financial advisor can help you craft the legacy gift that suits you best.

For Your Attorney or Financial Advisor:
Legal Name: Easton Day Care Center, Inc.
Address: 133 N. Washington Street, Easton MD 21601
Federal Tax ID Number: 23­7404362

Join The 1970 Society

Invest in Our Community’s Future!

Throughout its 50 ­year history, Critchlow Adkins Children’s Centers has greatly benefitted from generous individuals who have remembered Critchlow in their wills. Their gifts have helped to assure our organization’s future during challenging times and improved the lives of the many children we educate and care for. 

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of what began as Easton Day Care Center, The 1970 Society has been launched to honor past legacy gift donors and recognize those who have committed to making a planned gift to Critchlow Adkins Children’s Centers.

By leaving a gift to Critchlow Adkins in your will, you leave a legacy that supports early childhood education and enriches our entire community. 

Join The 1970 Society

By remembering Critchlow Adkins
in your will, you are investing in our community’s children and changing lives for generations to come.

“I included Critchlow Adkins Children’s Centers in my estate plan because providing caring, fun education for children during this critical stage of brain development is one of the most important gifts one can give.”
–Dr. Margaret Baker Rennels, Pediatrician

Past Board member Robert Reynolds, who died in 2014, included Critchlow in his will. “Bob felt very strongly about education, and it does start with the young children,” said his wife Phoebe Reynolds. “Bob believed a good foundation gives children a great start as they get older.”

What will YOUR legacy be?

When you join The 1970 Society, you shape children’s lives for generations to come.

Let us celebrate your gift!

Upon letting us know you that have designated Critchlow Adkins as a beneficiary of your estate planning, you become a member of The 1970 Society. Provided this is your wish, your name will be included with the names of the other members of The 1970 Society in our annual report.

For more information, please contact Executive Director Cristy Morrell at (410) 822-8061 or cmorrell@cacckids.org or visit our website:


There are many ways to Build Brighter Futures with a gift to Critchlow Adkins Children’s Centers.  No matter your method of giving or the size of your donation, you will make a big impact on the children and families we serve.  The exceptional care you make possible provides a nurturing, enriching, and educational start for the future leaders of our community.  You also help parents to pursue career advancement and improve the lives of their families.  Click below to learn about other ways to contribute to Critchlow and Build Brighter Futures!

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