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Critchlow Adkins Children’s Centers’ Easton Preschool Site has been named a Maryland State Department of Education

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Maryland Accreditation is a voluntary process that encourages a commitment to continuous improvement and evaluates how well childcare providers adhere to the State of Maryland’s high quality standards in the area of program administration, program operation, and home and community partnerships.  The accreditation program also provides resources to help childcare providers identify areas for improvement.  Click the button to learn more about accreditation.


EXCELS (Excellence Counts in Early Learning and School Age Care) is another voluntary process for childcare providers.  Through the EXCELS Quality and Improvement Program, your center will be evaluated to be awarded a Quality Rating ranging from 1 to 5.  Your Quality Rating will be based on your adherence to standards in areas such as developmentally-appropriate practice, professional development, and family engagement.  EXCELS provides a road map, training, and other resources, as well as guidance from a Quality Assurance Specialist.  Click the button to learn more about EXCELS.


One of the benefits of going through the EXCELS process is having access to resources that can help enhance your childcare programming.  One such resource is the Judy (Judith P. Hoyer) Center Early Learning Hub.  Judy Centers are located throughout the State of Maryland, and promote school readiness by connecting families with high quality early education resources.  Three of our sites have partnerships with local Judy Centers, which host fun activities, learning through play opportunities, and more for our children and their families.


At Critchlow Adkins, we infuse educational enrichment into everything we do.  Our children participate in enrichment activities every day.  In preschool, we have implemented several early literacy programs that help our children get school-ready and set them up for academic, and by extension, career success.  At all ages, Critchlow Kids participate in age-appropriate, literature-based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) activities, which help them cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills while also encouraging a lifelong love of learning.  Click the buttons to learn more about our literacy and STEAM inititatives.

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