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Justine Franzen
AS A PARENT, FINDING A SAFE AND NURTURING ENVIRONMENT FOR OUR CHILDREN WAS A TOP PRIORITY, and I am thrilled to say that Critchlow Adkins Cordova Site has exceeded all my expectations.  The welcoming atmosphere and the genuine smiles from the teachers eased any apprehensions for both my children. Especially in the early days when bringing my son at three years old, I was confident he was in great hands. All the staff there are so friendly and I can tell that both my children love each and every one of them. I appreciate the thought and effort put into planning each day, creating an environment where learning is not only encouraged but also enjoyable.  The communication from the daycare has been outstanding. Regular updates, coupled with the approachability of the staff, have made me feel involved and reassured about my child’s well-being. It’s evident that the team genuinely cares about each child, fostering a sense of trust that is invaluable to parents like me.  My family and I are grateful to be a part of the Critchlow community.
Serafina’s Mom
FOR US, CRITCHLOW HAS BEEN A LIFE SAVER.  Before and after school care allows me to drop my youngest off in St. Michaels and drive my oldest to school in Easton. Serafina is in her 2nd year at Critchlow.  She is happy to see her friends in the morning and is always smiling when she comes home. I am not “allowed” to pick her up before 4pm, because she loves the unstructured play time in the afternoon.  The Site Director and staff members are wonderful. We are beyond grateful.
Rebecca Wales
WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE CRITCHLOW! My 6-year old son Bronson attended summer camp during the summer of 2023 and it was the best experience! After attempting a few other local summer programs that were not a great fit, we enrolled with Critchlow Adkins hesitantly. It was clear within the first week that we had made a great choice. Not only were the staff and teachers engaging and kind with my son who was understandably very anxious initially, they were very diligent in their communication with me throughout the entire summer. There were fun and educational activities planned for each week which kept him learning and exploring during the break from school. He came home every day eager and excited to share with me all the adventures he experienced with his new friends!  We will absolutely be returning for summer camp in 2024. Critchlow Adkins is the best!
Julie Trommatter
ABOVE ALL ELSE, I APPRECIATE THE CACC STAFF. Like all young kids, mine are still trying to figure out how to handle their emotions and work through outbursts and big feelings. I know their teachers show them kindness and empathy even when they are hard to deal with. I feel like they are cared for the same way I would care for them. Even teachers who no longer have my kids in their classroom continue to show them love and support their creative and emotional development.
Naomi and Eden’s Mom
IT IS SO CONVENIENT HAVING BOTH OF MY DAUGHTERS IN THE SAME CHILDCARE PROGRAM.  My oldest daughter has been attending Critchlow for almost 8 years and my youngest has been attending for almost a year. The Site Director, Mrs. Marlene, is truly the best. She goes above and beyond her duties and always makes sure that all the children are happy, safe, and thriving.
John Marrah
I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW GRATEFUL I AM FOR THE EXCEPTIONAL CARE PROVIDED BY CRITCHLOW ADKINS. From the moment I walked through their doors, I knew our son was in a safe and nurturing environment.  The teachers are not only professional but also warm and caring. Our son has grown and thrived under their care. Every day is filled with engaging activities and creative learning experiences. Critchlow has truly become an extension of our family, and I highly recommend them.
Cara Kemp
BEFORE LIAM WAS ENROLLED AT CRITCHLOW ADKINS, we were navigating the challenges of living in group homes. Wanting to provide a better life for him, we did all we could to save enough money to finally get a place we could call our own. When Liam turned three, he aged out of his free childcare program so we had to find another. Childcare is expensive in Talbot County, so we were worried about how we could afford it. The moment we learned about Critchlow Adkins and met Miss Donna, the Director of Critchlow’s Preschool Site, we knew everything would be okay. Miss Donna gave us a tour of the site and explained about Critchlow’s tuition assistance program. Because of it, we were able to enroll Liam, and he started the next day! We are very grateful for all the people like you who support Critchlow – you saved our family. Life is getting better for us. We are working very hard at our new business and this year I enrolled in college for the first time since dropping out 12 years ago.
Brie Wooden
AFTER BEING A PRODUCT OF CACC, I couldn’t think of a better place to send my very own child. CACC has helped me and my family in so many ways that I lost count. From the Site Directors down to the teachers, they all make you feel like family. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and I’m beyond grateful to have CACC in my village.
Brighton Laznovsky
CRITCHLOW HAS BEEN AN AMAZING RESOURCE for us as working parents during the school year as well as the summer. Trusting the care of our kiddos is our number one priority and we can always do that with Critchlow and the nurturing environment it provides our children. Not only do our children love going, they enjoy the various activities and have made great friendships with peers along the way. Our children are lucky to have also worked with Critchlow’s amazing classroom teachers and assistants.
Shelby Hughes
CRITCHLOW SUMMER CAMP HAS BEEN A TREMENDOUS HELP for our family this summer. I am a full-time State employee with the Talbot County Health Dept. that currently has guardianship of 3 of my nephews. Due to COVID, my husband has struggled for the last 2 years trying to find work as a painter, and our income and lifestyle have suffered greatly. Last month he was offered a position with a company in Westminister, Maryland making decent pay; however, the hours would require him to be away for the majority of the daytime hours during the week. Thankfully, we were able to access the summer program for Kiantaye, the youngest, so that I could work and my husband could finally return to stable, consistent employment. Without Marlene and her team of wonderful teachers, I am not sure we would have been able to move forward from this horrible Pandemic and its destruction. Thank you so much.
Lateya Sport
MY NAME IS LATEYA SPORT, and I attended CACC, formerly known as Easton Day Care, when I was little. Ms. Annetta was my teacher. To my surprise, when I needed a daycare facility for my daughter, Ms. Annetta was still at the site along with other teachers that I grew up with. In knowing that, I felt comfortable and safe in having my daughter attend the CACC program. My daughter, Jurnee, has attended CACC since she was two years old; she graduated from the P3 program and then started to attend the CACC program at the WMES Site in Trappe up until we left at the end of my daughter’s year in kindergarten. We returned three years later and enrolled Journee in the before- and after-care and summer camp programs. For the last three years, my daughter attended CACC and has been cared for by the teachers as if she were their own daughter. My daughter has grown, learned, and participated in so many things while attending CACC. Just recently, with Ms. Annetta’s encouragement, Jurnee showed off her crafting skills by participating in 4-H where she won first place on 3 out of 4 of her submissions.
Karen Hopkins
THE SUMMER PROGRAM HAS BEEN WONDERFUL for my daughter. She is able to continue to have organized play and a safe place to go during the day. The teachers treat each child with respect and seem to really care for them as little individuals.
Sherry Spurry
CRITCHLOW IN ST. MICHAELS IS OUR SECOND FAMILY. The first thing a parent looks for when choosing childcare is a safe and secure facility. It is a bonus when they also make your children feel empowered, comfortable and like a member of their family. The staff at Critchlow have been a part of our family for many years! Daycare is necessary for my son due to my full-time employment, but even on my days off my son will choose to go to daycare to be with his friends and teachers. Thank you Critchlow!
Stephanie Layne Jackson
CRITCHLOW HAS BEEN INSTRUMENTAL in helping maintain a routine and schedule for my son during all the craziness this past year. Thank you for all that you do and for all your hard work keeping our kids healthy and safe!
Melissa Charnock
CACC IS A GREAT PLACE FOR LILAH TO LEARN and socialize with other children. The teachers really engage her and she learns a lot. It was the most affordable and reliable care I could find. Most appreciated! Thanks again for everything!
Kaitlyn Mister
I’M SO HAPPY to have my daughter be part of the CACC family. She had very little interaction with other kids during COVID. Josie’s transition into her CACC classroom was a seamless one. She loves all of her teachers and has made very close friends. I’m especially grateful for all of the hugs Ms. Jessica gives Josie when she is feeling sad or scared. I’m also grateful for the never ending support I receive from Marlene. I’ve been able to complete two years of college since Josie joined CACC. I’m closer than ever to having the career I’ve always dreamed of! Thank you.
Justine Franzen
CRITCHLOW HAS ALLOWED GRACIE TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS and be in a great environment with kids her age to have fun, learn, and grow. We’re so grateful to be part of this program!
Megan Ozman
CACC HAS BEEN SUCH A BLESSING TO OUR FAMILY, especially during the COVID shutdown. Annetta and fellow staff members continued to provide loving care to all the children while balancing safety protocols, social distancing, and virtual learning. Cam was always on Zoom on time for his classes and got all the help he needed to complete his assignments. I am not sure what we would have done without CACC! Thank you so much.

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