STEAM Saturday – Lego Towers! (10-22-2022)

Happy STEAM Saturday!  This week, we’ve got an activity that will provide hours of fun for your budding engineer: LEGO Towers!  Legos are a wonderful toy that help spark your child’s imagination and honing their engineering skills.

You can start by having them build more basic towers, and then make things more interesting by challenging them to build something that can withstand weight, or stand up to shaking.

All your child needs to get started are some basic Lego blocks.  As your challenges get more advanced, you might think about adding some of the Lego models to your collection.

Looking for a place to start?  Check out several Lego tower ideas from STEAMsational HERE.

As always, get as creative as you want, and above all, have lots of fun learning together!

We’ll see you right back here next Saturday for another STEAM Saturday activity!  Scroll through the rest of our website to learn how Critchlow Adkins is Building Brighter Futures for the children and families we serve!

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