November STEAM Project

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) enrichment projects are a big part of our program.  Our kids benefit greatly from them, as they ignite their imaginations, encourage critical thinking and problem solving, and are just plain FUN!

This month, our CACC Kids have been doing projects inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Waterfowl Festival.  These projects were recently featured in the Waterfowl issue of Attraction Magazine.

Our very own Program Director, Amy Michels, created a wonderful activity designed to teach kids about air pressure and navigation, based on the story, “Toulouse, the Story of a Canada Goose,” by Priscilla Cummings.

First, have your child place a piece of paper on a table in front of them and blow on it, and ask them to describe what happens.  Explain that the paper rises because of the difference in air pressure above and below the paper, and that birds use their wings move through this air pressure.

Next, talk about how geese fly south from Canada later in the year to escape the cold winters up north.  You can even pull up a map on your computer and have your child point out the flight path that the geese might have to take to get from Canada to the Eastern Shore!

Have a discussion with your child about all of the things that the geese need to be careful to avoid on their journey so that they can arrive safely (airplanes, power lines, etc.) – and identify challenges they might encounter that could lower their visibility and make it difficult to see these obstacles (snowstorms, nighttime, etc.).  Then, ask your child to design and draw a way to help birds see better so that they can complete their journey safely.  If you have art supplies at home, they can even use them to create a prototype of their invention!  Then, have them describe their invention to you.

Here are two more fun November STEAM activities you can do at home with your younger children!

Whirly Twirly Flying Birds from

Make a Simple Duck Call from

Get as creative as you want, and have a blast doing these STEAM activities together!!

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