Critchlow Gives Back

Critchlow Gives Back!

One of the most valuable things we teach our students is that it is important to give back to the community and take care of our neighbors.  They learn what it means to be a good citizen and to be involved in their community.  Inspired by the generosity of our wonderful donors and volunteers, Critchlow kids participate in a number of activities each year to support people in need.  Here are some of the highlights!

Lip Sync Battle to benefit Talbot Interfaith Shelter

Since 2022, we have participated in Talbot Interfaith Shelter’s (TIS) annual Lip Sync Battle fundraiser.  Our kids have a blast filming these fun, entertaining videos.  We then use the videos to raise money to help TIS guide local families and individuals from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

Total Raised for TIS to date: ~$1,500

Lip Sync 2024

We are currently participating in TIS’ 2024 Lip Sync Battle fundraiser!  We are so proud of our Critchlow Kids for going all out to make an awesome video this year!  You can help us win by clicking the button below to vote for us by making a donation to Talbot Interfaith Shelter or purchasing tickets to their live Lip Sync Battle event on Saturday, April 27th at the Waterfowl Building in Easton.  Thank you for encouraging our children to give back to their community!

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Lip Sync 2023

Lip Sync 2022

*Voting has ended for these competitions

Trike-A-Thon for St. Jude's Children's Hospital

Each year, children from all sites hop on their tricycles, bicycles, scooters and skates and get on the move.  They are raising money to help children in need at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, while also learning the importance of staying healthy and engaging in plenty of physical activity.  Our trike-a-thons have been a Critchlow tradition for an astounding 30 years, and have raised tens of thousands of dollars for children in need!  

Total Raised for St. Jude's to date: ~$42,000

Valentines for Local Seniors

Every January and February, the students at our St. Michaels Site spread love by creating and collecting Valentine’s Day cards.  The cards will be distributed to the residents of local senior living facilities.

This wonderful, heartfelt project is done in partnership with the Royal Oak Community United Methodist Church.

Piggy Banks for Talbot Hospice

In the Spring of 2023, our White Marsh Site decorated special piggy banks, and then used those piggy banks to collect change for Talbot Hospice.  One student, Vera, was so inspired by this project, that she decided to offer a handmade friendship bracelet to anyone who donated money to Hospice through her.  Vera is at it again this year, and has enlisted the help of her little brother, Harvey, who will gladly paint you a picture as a thank you if you want to donate in support of Hospice.  Check out their adorable sales pitch!

If you would like a custom-made friendship bracelet from Vera or a painting from Harvey, please send your donation for Talbot Hospice to our White Marsh Site, c/o Annetta Biscoe, at 4322 Lovers Lane, Trappe, MD 21673.  Don’t forget to include your name and address so that you can receive your thank-you gift!

Total Raised for St. Jude's to date: ~$400

Supporting the Troops

Our Cordova Site has a special place in their hearts for our armed forces.  They regularly create cards and banners to show their appreciation and boost the morale of those serving our country.

In 2022, the site received a special Certificate of Appreciation in recognition for their service and support of our military!

Other Notable "Give Back" Projects

Our White Marsh Site raised $250 in support of the Susan G Komen Foundation in honor of Miss Sandy, a Critchlow teacher fighting breast cancer

Our Cordova and White Marsh Sites teamed up to adopt a family for Christmas

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