St. Michaels

  • St. Michaels Site (Preschool, Pre-K wrap and School Age Programs)

    100 Seymour Avenue . St. Michaels, MD 21663

    Site Director: Marlene Thomas
    Phone: 410-745-5842

    The St. Michaels Site (SMS) of Critchlow Adkins Children’s Centers offers year-round, full day two year old, preschool, and wrap around pre-kindergarten programs. A before and after school program is offered for school age children in kindergarten through sixth grade. The program for school age children is offered all day during most school closings and the summer months. All programs operate from 6:45 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

    The SMS is accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education’s (MSDE) Early Learning Division and licensed by MSDE’s Office of Child Care.

    Program for Two Year Olds:

    Our teachers work diligently to implement an age-appropriate curriculum (Creative Curriculum) that is structured with the following major components:

    • Theory and Research
    • Knowing Infants, Toddlers & Twos
    • Creating a Responsive Environment
    • What Children Are Learning
    • Caring and Teaching
    • Partnering With Families
    • Routines and Experiences

    Teachers assist children in this program with potty training if needed. The teacher to child ratio is 1:6.

    Preschool Program:

    Our teachers work diligently to implement a comprehensive, age-appropriate curriculum that builds physical and cognitive skills as well as social and emotional development. The curriculum used (Houghton-Mifflin) for children ages 3 and 4 is theme based and features 10 main themes integrating math, science, social studies, language and literacy, the arts, social/emotional and physical development. An assessment tool is also used in conjunction with this curriculum to gauge each student’s level of school readiness, which is an initiative developed by the state department of education call the Maryland Model for School Readiness. The teacher to child ratio is 1:10.

    Pre-Kindergarten Program:

    This is a wrap around program that provides enrichment to children who attend half day Pre-K at St. Michaels Elementary School. Our teachers use the same theme based Houghton-Mifflin curriculum, but it is used to enhance what is already being taught in the public school classroom. The afternoon program also involves a quiet/nap time as well as outdoor activities and a nutritious snack.

    Before and After School Programs:

    The activities for this mixed age group include manipulatives, science exploration, technology, arts and crafts, cooperative games, and homework assistance if requested. Supervised large motor activities are also provided in the gymnasium and outdoors.

    Summer Program:

    Fun-filled days of swimming lessons, arts & crafts projects, outdoor play, center play, cooking projects and field trips for the preschool, pre-k and school age programs describes the SMS summer program.